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Increase monetization without compromising the quality and speed of your site.


Not Blocked By AdBlockers

CODEC content is not blocked by any current ad-blockers on the market.
Monetize 30%+ More!

1071 - Currency

Exclusive Premium Demand

Supplied by the CODEC DSP from direct relationships with advertisers and agencies.
Premium $4 - $12 CPM!

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Ads With Dignity

How many times you felt ashamed for the content of those native ads on your site? Never compromise again!

The Purest Online Ad Content

Absolutely no profanity & scams Guaranteed!

CODEC team members’ background includes working for major media companies. This is to say, we’ve been on the publisher’s side.

The very idea of creating CODEC came from a sincere wish to generate an additional source of revenue for publishers, one that wouldn’t require compromising their editorial integrity.

Beware of Scams & Profanity

Most ads are now sold programmatically, your readers see the auto-selected ads that likely contain profanity and/or link to scam sites or to pages with even more vulgar ads.

CODEC Manual Vetting

In CODEC, every word & image is personally vetted by our Content Team to guarantee it upholds your editorial integrity.

We Offer Premium Rates to Our Publishers

Our business model differs from other monetizing systems, we only partner with good publishers and charge advertisers more.

100% Fill Rate

Even if your visitor uses adblocker!

Premium $4 - $12 CPM

Add 2 widgets, get up to $24 RPM

Only CODEC is Not Blocked

Outsmart Ad-Blockers = Monetize 30%+ More

39% of US users have ad-blockers, reducing your earnings.
$35 billion in ad revenue was lost by publishers worldwide in 2020.
CODEC is not blocked by adblockers!

Good news - CODEC content is not blocked by any current ad-blockers on the market!

Layout User Interface
Use CODEC as Fallback for your blocked ads

Why lose monetizing of your existing content?
CODEC Rescue will show up instead of your banners or native ads when they are blocked.

CODEC widget shows up on Brave browser, while all other ads are being blocked
*We can't guarantee CODEC won't be blocked in the future, get on board while we have this advantage 🙂

We add to your RPM

Even though our CPMs are high, we let you keep your existing ads above the fold with high visibility.
We like to be right after the article, saving your existing revenue stream and significantly adding to it.
It's a win-win structure.

We increase your CTR

Most of the time your readers engage with CODEC sponsored content of their liking without even leaving your website.

Seamless experience leads to higher retention, CTR, and revenue for your property.
We Support Our Publishers

Monetizing with CODEC is Easy and Fast

12562 - Writing

We Value Quality

To qualify your website needs to have quality content. There's no min traffic requirement.

9493 - Partnership

Same Day Approval

Most websites get a welcome email within 12 hours, unless we see a strange traffic pattern.

6033 - Click

Deploy in Minutes

Simply add our WordPress widget or paste our code where you want CODEC to appear.

12535 - Magazine

Customize the Look

Choose between horizontal or ertical, pick how many units to show, etc.

10314 - Access Granted

Any CMS Compatible

As long as you can place our code on your site, it is CODEC compatible.

10260 - Business Growth

Real Time Stats

Check out your performance and earnings in real time with CODEC SSP.

1177 - Investment

Early Net 20 Payouts

Monthly payouts, even if it's as low as as $10.

63 - Call Center

Premium Support

We work closely with you to perfect the UX and maximize your earnings.

Publishers Reviews

CiCi Li TV Celebrity

"I care a lot for my viewers' experience. What I like the most about CODEC, is that I never have to worry about your content."

Ben Hedges The Credit Shifu

"Losing monetization of my adblocked traffic just doesn't make sense. I'm happy CODEC has this cool feature."

Evan Mantyk Society of Classical Poets

"The payment is consistent and higher than Google ads. The content is high quality and often enriching in its own right. There is no better service out there!"

Victoria V VLifestyle

"I installed CODEC Sponsored Content widget over 5 years ago, first only on secondary pages. The revenue was 3 folds what I earned from Google AdSense and had no trashy content. I since moved to having CODEC widget on all pages and dropped all other forms of monetization."

Get Stared with CODEC Monetizing

Join our family of publishers passionate about their content.


Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome publishers who care about their readers.

It usually manifests in unique content and better user experiences, which nurture real engagement, higher returning visitors index, and longer time on page.

There is no minimum traffic requirement.

A website CPM depends on quality of the website traffic, geography of visitors, and how long has the website been with CODEC Publishers Network. We pay $4-$12 CPM for each widget.

We are a team of seasoned marketing experts & journalists. What we mainly look at is a website content - if it is original, the language, the topics, the angle.

Then we analyze the traffic sources, SEO, returning visitors, and bounce rates to get a picture of what type of readers the website attracts. 

Currently CODEC is only available for websites with content in English.

There are plans for several other languages in the future.