Touch Your Customers’ Hearts

With Content That Relates to Their Values

What You Get With CODEC?


Get Quality Leads
Increase Website Traffic
Grow Your Social Media
Boost Your Ecommerce


Let’m Love Your Brand
Overcome Their Notions
Beat Your Competitors
Build Your Fanbase


Learn to Sell More
A/B Test New Products
Find New Clients
Test Your Campaigns

What is CODEC?

CODEC Creates Engaging Branded Content
That Appeals to Your Customers' Values
And Enables it to Be Viewed
On Multiple Publishers Instantaneously

Monthly Reach

Highest Audience Trust Rating

CODEC content is natively integrated in multiple highly trusted media sites.

Readers come to these media on a daily basis, some spending over 12 min on per visit and reading 4-8 articles.

Among CODEC Prime Publishers

Precise Customer Targeting

Behavior & Interests

Over 200,000 Custom User Profiles. From preferred type of car to favorite sports

Recent Seaches

Product or service recently explored. From auto insurance to cloud storage

Context & Usage

Context of the landing page, First impression vs Repeats, level of Engagement

Geo Location

US, California, London, Brooklyn, any Country, State, City or Borough

Age, Gender

6 Age groups, Gender, browser language


Mobile vs Desktop & tablet, browser type, OS, Data provider, Device (i.e. iPhone 7)

We not only send you CUSTOMERS

We make them LOVE YOUR BRAND!

Professional Storytelling
appealing to customers’ values

Performance A/B testing
& real-time content optimization

Dozens of Impactful Formats
from testimonials to drone flights

Simple and Intuitive Campaign Control

User Friendly

Your Advertising Suite is built with User in mind. Enjoy easy-to-use Dashboard with visual reports.

Across Publications

Manage your campaign across multiple web-properties from one place.

Live Reports

24/7 access to real time reports of your campaign performance

The Most Cost Effective
Branded Content Placement on The Market


Perfect for CODEC-discovery
or for a new business

  • Story Production
  • In-Page Social Engagement
  • 100,000 Unique Views:
  • 70,000 US Views
  • 20,000 Europe, Asia
  • 10,000 Canada, UK
  • Insights on User Engagement
  • Campaign Optimization


Per Month. Billed bi-weekly


Best choice for small and medium brands or e-commerce

  • VIDEO Story Production
  • In-Page Social Engagement
  • 200,000 Unique Views:
  • 140,000 US Views
  • 40,000 Europe, Asia
  • 20,000 Canada, UK
  • Insights on User Engagement
  • Campaign Optimization


Per Month. Billed bi-weekly


Developed for medium business brand management, and in-depth market analysis

  • Enhanced VIDEO Story Production
  • Custom In-Page Social Engagement
  • 450,000 Unique Views:
  • 300,000 US Views
  • 100,000 Europe, Asia
  • 50,000 Canada, UK
  • In-depth User Engagement Data
  • Multi-Channel Campaign Optimization


Per Month. Billed bi-weekly


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We’ll help you reach out to your new customers and let them create a long-term affinity with your brand.