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Replace annoying ads with personalized news content


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CODEC provides articles & videos from selected award-winning creators


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No more embarrassing content on your site


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New Generation of Monetization Systems

Earn premium CPM, Boost your property image, Enhance your viewers engagement, and Stay with your readers!


Visitors Don’t Leave Your Site

CODEC serves quality personalized content, that upon click takes user to the same website to read or watch it.

Seamless experience for users, more engagement and traffic for publisher.


Up to $4 CPM

Publishers enjoy premium CPM thanks to sponsored articles that appear among other CODEC content.

Sponsored Articles are marked as such and are individually vetted by our Content Team to guarantee quality even in sponsored content.

Better Engagement & User Experience

Most monetization systems boast their ever-learning algorithms, but end up
showing some disgusting images or known scams (as noted by Fortune). They also effectively drive the traffic away from your property.

CODEC enhances your website with quality reporting and helps you keep your readers.

Personalized editorial content and ability to enjoy it without leaving your website, provide better experience to your users, higher CTR & engagement.


Easy & Quick Setup

Just click on Get Code in you account and follow step-by-step instructions.

You’ll be asked to create an empty page and place a line of code there. Then lust pick a widget you like and copy-paste its code where you want it to appear on your site. Enjoy CODEC immediately!

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