Touch Your Customers’ Hearts

With Content That Relates to Their Values

What is CODEC?

CODEC creates unique content experiences, distributes it to multiple publications, matching it with the feel and layout of each publication to appear native.

Precisely targeted audience engages with your content on publishers sites for maximum engagement.

Higher Engagement With Your Potential Customers

Based on your targeting demographic and their interests we’ll create beta version of your branded content. We have a capacity to test out your branded content before rolling out your entire campaign. This is to insure the branded content is appealing to your targeted audience values.

Your branded content page will also include real time Facebook and Instagram feeds. This way readers can see any interactions with your brand that their friends and relatives have had.

Monthly Reach

Highest Audience Trust Rating

CODEC content is natively integrated in multiple highly trusted media sites.

Readers come to these media on a daily basis, some spending over 12 min on per visit and reading 4-8 articles.

Precise Customer Targeting

Behavior & Interests

Over 200,000 Custom User Profiles. From preferred type of car to favorite sports

Recent Seaches

Product or service recently explored. From auto insurance to cloud storage

Context & Usage

Context of the landing page, First impression vs Repeats, level of Engagement

Geo Location

US, California, London, Brooklyn, any Country, State, City or Borough

Age, Gender

6 Age groups, Gender, browser language


Mobile vs Desktop & tablet, browser type, OS, Data provider, Device (i.e. iPhone 7)

The Most Cost Effective Branded Content Placement on The Market

Only $7 CPM for USA audience and $5 for an audience from Canada, UK, Australia.

We offer precise multi-factor targeting: From geographical location to cooking interests and favorite sports types.

This is to optimize your budget spending and increase your return on marketing investment.

Enhancing Your Marketing Efforts at Each of The Sales Funnel Stages


Brand Awareness

In-depth storytelling, building emotional engagement of your target audience with your brand.


Lead Generation

Multi-purpose A/B audience sampling to verify the best target for your brand or product or the best marketing message and format.


Overcoming Objections

Custom Instagram/Facebook feeds integration featuring your customers posts about the targeted features, with visuals and social engagement.

High Production Value Content for The Fraction of The Cost.

Being a tech company we’re able to optimise our workflow and thus are able to offer high production value interactive branded content creation (think beautiful Wall Street Journal interactive pages with quizzes, poles and trivia) at about 15% of the cost you’d be charged at an ad agency.

We have an in-house team of people with web developing skills, experience and who love creating these sorts of stuff (they create amazing interactive pages and mini portals even while on their lunch break). 

Ad agency normally have creative in other areas talents, like PR for example, and would come to us to order the tech part of their vision. We just able to offer you a wholesale price per se.

Simple and Intuitive Campaign Control


User Friendly

Your Advertising Suite is built with User in mind. Enjoy easy-to-use Dashboard with visual reports.


Across Publications

Manage your campaign across multiple web-properties from one place.


Live Reports

24/7 access to real time reports of your campaign performance

The Most Cost Effective
Branded Content Placement on The Market

Canada, UK, Australia

$5 CPM

Multifactor targeting

Other Countries

$2.5 CPM

Multifactor targeting

Among CODEC Prime Publishers

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