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Up to $4 eCPM

Audience Stays On Your Site

Unmatched User Experience

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Your Audience Stays on Your Site!

CODEC Prime adds personalized content to your web property.

It features breaking news and hand picked niche articles by award-winning journalists.

Your readers engage with CODEC articles/videos of their liking on your own website. Seamless experience for your viewer, better retention, CTR and revenue for your property.

We Pay Premium! Up to $4 CPM

CODEC’s business model differs from other monetizing systems that are currently on the market. This enables us to pay premium to our partners-publishers. Publishers enjoy premium CPM thanks to sponsored articles/videos that appear among other CODEC content.

Sponsored Content is marked as such and is individually vetted by our Content Team to guarantee it upholds journalistic values.

Every CODEC Prime team member’s background includes working for major media companies. This is to say we’ve been on publisher’s side. The very idea of creating CODEC came from a sincere wish to generate additional source of revenue for publishers. A revenue source that wouldn’t require compromising the publishers editorial integrity.

High Quality Content!

Breaking news, art & culture, food, travel, and more articles & videos

CODEC features breaking news, current affairs, art & culture, food, travel, and entertainment articles as well as videos. These are written and produced by award-winning journalists and video production companies.

Replace Annoying Ads With Personalized News Content!

Personalized editorial content insures an enjoyable experience for your audience, higher user engagement on your website and larger number of pageviews per visit.

CODEC is an extension of your editorial team and we’re passionate about bringing additional quality reporting to your website.


You're in Control

Choose a widget layout, a content type and even whether you'd like the content to appear as powered by CODEC or as your own.

Higher Engagement

CODEC content completely adjusts to your site layout and it's fully consumed within your publication, helping for great user experience with 90 sec average page engagement.

Real time stats

Enjoy 24/7 access to real time data on your website performance and earnings with our new Publisher Suite.

Personalized Editorials

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Earlier Payouts

Receive payments within 20 days after the last day of each calendar month. Want to double your earnings? Install 2 widgets, place them higher on a page and enjoy Net20 payouts on both of them.

Deploy in minutes

Quick and easy set up. No coding skills required. Get up and running today.

"What I like the most, is that I never have to worry about your content, because I care a lot for my viewers' experience"
CiCi Li
TV Celebrity


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